Like the internet, life is congested. There is too much to choose from and you do need to choose. As a systems engineer I find that applying the networking analogy of traffic shaping,  that is, to Drop (Don’t do), Queue (Save for later judgement) or Forward (Do it now!) helps. For example do you Drop an experience, Queue it for later or do you accept that experience into your life now. Same goes for buying stuff. As network packet switches learn or are programmed, they build lists describing packets and actions to be performed on those packets.

This blog is our list. From major life decisions to the best recipe for home-made pasta, we document what works for us and what doesn’t.

“Why go to the effort?” you may ask. My answer to that is simple; Have you ever had to explain something complicated to a friend or colleague, such as physics or a religious belief, that you thought you understood internally, but had trouble explaining out loud. And when you did get the idea out, it didn’t sound or feel quite right and made you question whether you really did know what you thought you knew? That’s the idea. Here I present our ideas that we believe to be correct. Once typed out for everyone to see, we look at them, critically evaluate them, and update them as we see fit until we are happy that what we have written is what we believe to be correct and defensible at the time of writing.

So it’s more for us than you, but if it helps you, then great! 🙂