It wasn’t easy for a fiercely patriotic couple to leave their homeland, friends and family behind. Somedays we still question whether it was worth it. But having cast ourselves adrift in the wide world we now find ourselves open to new and exciting possibilities and some fresh perspective.

Before digging into some of these short essays, you have to understand that I am fiercely patriotic about a South Africa that was. At the time of writing, South Africa is undergoing social, political and economical change faster than most would like to admit and there is no guarantee what the final result will be. You will find that most South Africans cling to the “good” of their version of a South Africa that was and fear what they might lose in the New “New South Africa” that is to come. It’s confusing and very few people agree on it wholly. This confusion is partly the reason I started this blog – to help air some thoughts and test my beliefs critically.

The other reason why I took the time to write this peace is that I get asked by fellow South Africans and foreigners alike  why we left. I now have a concise set of answers that they can go read if they really care.

The walls kept getting higher

Practical taxation in South Africa for young professionals.